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Tailored wiki hosting

Get tailored hosting perfect for your wiki needs. We serve both small business and large enterprises. Your wiki plan can include professional support, extra integrations, and more. Contact us to get an overview of how we can help you, or to discuss pricing.

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City wiki hosting

Publish data of your city so everyone can access it. Historical data, places, people, events and more. A Wikipedia for your city, but better. Visualize data using maps, charts and more. Let people access the data via open standards.

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Wikibase hosting

Get started with Wikibase, frustration free. Learning the Wikibase stack is a lot of work. Avoid hiring extra staff or spending months just to learn how to set everything up. Use our expertise to get started quickly, with a well configured Wikibase wiki.

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Why use MediaWiki?

Your Challenges

Documents, notes, files and important data are scattered over different places.

There is no efficient way to search through your content and knowledge.

Many software applications are consuming internal resources for administration.

Sit back and relax while we manage technical matters. This includes wiki installation, configuration and regular upgrades.

Get started quickly and avoid dead ends by getting advice from our wiki experts.

Sleep soundly, knowing that MediaWiki has a track record for being secure and robust, and is the most popular open source wiki software.

Your Benefits

Known MediaWiki users

Wikimedia Foundation - The Wikipedias known as multilingual open-collaborative online encyclopedias created by communities of volunteer editors.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) - The EVA Wiki as a private wiki used to support operations of the International Space Station at NASA Johnson Space Center.

Free Software Foundation (FSF) - The Free Software Directory website as a catalog of useful free software that can run under free operating systems.

International Center for Computational Logic (ICCL) at Dresden University of Technology (TUD) - Homepage of this interdisciplinary center of teaching and research in the field of computational logic.

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