Managed Wikibase hosting

Pro Wikibase

290 €
per month excl. VAT
+ setup for 250 € excl. VAT
  • Fully managed, including upgrades
  • Included Software:
    • MediaWiki
    • Wikibase
    • Wikibase extensions
    • Professional Maker extensions
    • Blazegraph Graph Database
    • Memcached cache server
  • Optional add-ons:
    • Elasticsearch search server
    • Professional support
    • Domain name
  • Included Extras:
    • Monitoring
    • HTTPS access

We provide expert Wikibase services via The Wikibase Consultancy.

What is Wikibase?

Wikibase is the free and customizable knowledge base that drives Wikidata. It is well suited for setting up data archives that interoperate with the semantic web via open standards. Increasingly, it is gaining interest among GLAM institutions, research communities and open knowledge advocates. Learn more about Wikibase.

Why Wikibase hosting?

Wikibase is difficult to set up compared to a standard MediaWiki wiki. At present is also lacks stable releases, which makes upgrading extremely challenging and risky to anyone who is a not a developer already familiar with the software. We have been working with Wikibase since its inception and Professional Wiki is proud to provide the first professional Wikibase hosting service.

What is included in Professional Wikibase?

Professional Wikibase will get you a fully installed and configured Wikibase wiki. It also includes a standard set of extensions and wiki templates selected based on our long-time experience of what you are likely to need.

Professional Wikibase comes with the Blazegraph graph database, allowing you to run SPARQL queries against the data in your wiki. A Memcached cache server is included for increased performance and everything runs on a capable VPS that allows you to grow your wiki without immediately running into problems.

An Elasticsearch search server can be included to give you more powerful search options for 50 EUR per month. Two hours of professional support per month can be included for 150 EUR per month. All prices excl. VAT.

To order Professional Wikibase or to learn more, contact us.

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