All your organizations knowledge in one place

Collaborate, create, connect and analyze information to empower teamwork across your organization.
Wikis provide a powerful and flexible knowledge management system that grows with your needs.

Our wiki solutions are both flexible and versatile.

For any specific use case dedicated tools, when available, might be a better fit. A key strength of wikis is that they can be used for multiple use cases at the same time. Our solutions are uniquely powerful when it comes to connecting data from different use cases and creating workflows or data visualizations that would otherwise require development of specialized software.

Start small, perhaps with some simple meeting notes. Then add and collaboratively refine structure on an as-needed basis.

Describe the scope and size of the project as well as the expected results. Create plans for the project, and organise the related components and tasks. Allocate resources, keep track of the progress and the risks and check the results.
Create tasks and assign them to individuals or teams. Integrate them into calendars and notify participants. Use the data to track progress, prioritize further work and compile reports to be able to make knowledgeable management decisions.
Set up, organize, run, and evaluate meetings for teams and departments in your company. Track meetings with calendars and notify participants. Document the results and convert them into actionable tasks which can easily be followed up by stakeholders.
Constantly plan, control and check the quality of your processes. Document the processes and improve the interaction of organizational units. Ensure information is kept up to date and handle feedback.
Keep track of your contacts with customers, partners and stakeholders. Manage contact data, note down communications and record conclusions. Always have the information that you need for successful follow-up communications at hand.
We build on the software used by Wikipedia

Shoulder of giants

Our wiki solutions use MediaWiki, the industry standard for wikis. MediaWiki powers Wikipedia and tens of thousands of public and interal websites. Professional.Wiki's solutions include a carefully curated selection of extensions with an eye on sustainability and avoiding vendor lock-in.

  • Secure and reliable
  • Scalable by default
  • Open source software
  • Thriving plugin ecosystem

Unmatched power

Our wiki solutions grow with you. Start with simple documents and make use of powerful features such as templating, structured queries, data export, dynamic visualizations and embedded scripting as you need them. Expand your use cases for the wiki as you familiarize your company with the platform you created.

  • Page history
  • Permission system
  • Notifications
  • Multimedia support
  • Visual editing
  • Embedded scripting
Unmatched power
Harness collective knowledge

Harness collective knowledge

Full-text search, structured search and cross-referenced content are just the tip of the iceberg. Structure your information and knowledge semantically to gain better results from advanced embedding, aggregation, visualization and validation features.

  • Advanced search
  • Category browsing
  • Dynamic visualizations
  • Data exchange
  • Validation rules
  • Embedded queries

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