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Publish data of your city so everyone can access it.
Historical data, places, people, events and more. We have got you covered.

Accessible everywhere

Lets people access your data from anywhere at any time. This is made possible by using time tested wiki technology from Wikipedia.

Accessible everywhere
Automated overviews

Automated overviews

Save time via automated creation of lists and visualizations. Let people explore your data like never before.

Improve your data

Forms help you structure your data. Improve consistency and completeness. Curate quicker using autocomplete and more.

Improve your data

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Our city wiki experience

We are MediaWiki experts with over 6 years of experience creating and hosting city wikis. We are in touch with the city wiki community and have attended several city-wiki-days.

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Truly open data

Truly open data

Our wiki makes your data available automatically via open standards. People can export, filter and aggregate your data. Let third parties develop applications with your city data.

Accomplish more together

Let trusted people from your community contribute. Or open up editing to the public. Wikis are made for collaboration. You can open up your wiki to the degree that suits you.

Accomplish more together
Get results quickly

Get results quickly

Our City Wiki solution includes wiki content structures for cities. All you have to do is add the data.

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Get results quickly
Preserve and share historical images and documents. People can view your images on pages and in galleries or download them.
Get results quickly
Describe people, places, buildings, streets and more. Our standard city wiki templates make this easy. You can describe whatever you want via the flexibility of wikis.
Get results quickly
Enjoy automatically generated comprehensive lists of the data in your wiki. Browse by category or use advanced filters.
We build on the software used by Wikipedia

Shoulder of giants

Our wiki solutions use MediaWiki, the industry standard for wikis. MediaWiki powers Wikipedia and tens of thousands of public and interal websites. Professional.Wiki's solutions include a carefully curated selection of extensions with an eye on sustainability and avoiding vendor lock-in.

  • Secure and reliable
  • Scalable by default
  • Open source software
  • Thriving plugin ecosystem

Unmatched power

Our wiki solutions grow with you. Start with simple documents and make use of powerful features such as templating, structured queries, data export, dynamic visualizations and embedded scripting as you need them. Add support new use cases to the wiki on an as-needed basis.

  • Page history
  • Permission system
  • Notifications
  • Multimedia support
  • Visual editing
  • Embedded scripting
Unmatched power
Harness collective knowledge

Harness collective knowledge

Full-text search, structured search and cross-referenced content are just the tip of the iceberg. Structure your information and knowledge semantically to gain better results from advanced embedding, aggregation, visualization and validation features.

  • Advanced search
  • Category browsing
  • Dynamic visualizations
  • Data exchange
  • Validation rules
  • Embedded queries

Everything you need

  • Fully managed wiki hosting
  • City wiki data structures
  • City wiki templates and forms
  • Professional support
  • Dozens of MediaWiki extensions


View some of the features available in our wikis
  • Visual editing
  • Form editing
  • Access controls
  • Embedded queries
  • Dynamic maps
  • Graphs & diagrams
  • Multimedia content
  • PDF display
  • Data exchange
  • Citations & references
  • Notifications
  • Two-factor auth
  • Anti spam
  • Mass deletion
  • Easy admin access
  • Banners
  • Cookie notice
  • Enhanced categories
  • Page view counter
  • Image maps
  • Multilingual content


View all 46 MediaWiki extensions
  • AdminLinks
  • Beta Features
  • CategoryTree
  • CharInsert
  • Cite
  • CiteThisPage
  • ConfirmEdit
  • CookieWarning
  • Data Transfer
  • DateDiff
  • DismissableSiteNotice
  • Echo
  • External Data
  • HitCounters
  • ImageMap
  • InputBox
  • Interwiki
  • JSBreadCrumbs
  • LoginNotify
  • Maps
  • MobileFrontend
  • Modern Timeline
  • MultimediaViewer
  • Nuke
  • OATHAuth
  • Page Forms
  • ParserFunctions
  • PdfHandler
  • Poem
  • RenameUser
  • ReplaceText
  • SandboxLink
  • Semantic Compound Queries
  • Semantic Extra Special Properties
  • Semantic MediaWiki
  • Semantic Meta Tags
  • Semantic Result Formats
  • SimpleBatchUpload
  • SpamBlacklist
  • TemplateData
  • TemplateStyles
  • Thanks
  • TitleBlacklist
  • UploadsLink
  • VEforAll
  • Visual Editor

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