Our Company

Professional.Wiki provides services and solutions on top of MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia. MediaWiki is also used by many companies for knowledge management. Professional.Wiki's enterprise class services and solutions enable you to collaboratively compile, collect and manage key information.

We are professionals with strong tries to the MediaWiki world and extensive experience in all matters concerning wikis. Because of intense involvement with the software we can ensure high quality services and deliver solutions that are sustainable. Based on more than 40 years worth of experience Professional.Wiki can provide expert advise on how to manage your wiki, what to expect and what to look out for, and which other open source solutions to integrate with.

Our mission is to provide customer-focused services that are both holistic and high quality.

Our Team

Professional Wiki - Karsten Hoffmeyer

Karsten Hoffmeyer

Organizational director

Karsten is organizational director of Professional Wiki and lead administrator with extensive MediaWiki experience. He has been managing wikis using MediaWiki and related extensions since 2009 and is the Semanic MediaWiki project manager. During this time he has provided MediaWiki hosting and services to many companies and organizations across Europe. Karsten has been working at WikiHoster.net since 2011, a MediaWiki hosting and consulting company which he continues to run for hosting. Karsten is an expert in the field of wiki creation, configuration and administration and is passionate about providing reliable and sustainable work.

Professional Wiki - Jeroen De Dauw

Jeroen De Dauw

Technical director

Jeroen is technical director of Professional Wiki and lead developer with extensive MediaWiki experience. He has been developing for MediaWiki and related extensions since 2009 and is one of the two Semantic MediaWiki maintainers. During this time he has worked for several companies across the globe, including Google and the Wikimedia Foundation. Jeroen has been working for Wikimedia Deutschland since 2012 where he was part of the original Wikidata team and now holds the position of Software Architect. Jeroen is an expert in the field of software design and quality and has a passion for effectively delivering value.

Tobias Oetterer

MediaWiki expert

Tobias is a well rounded MediaWiki expert. He is an experienced wiki administrator, has set up multiple wikis and has created his own MediaWiki extensions. He has been involved in the Semantic MediaWiki community for many years.

Stephan Gambke

MediaWiki expert

Stephan is a veteran MediaWiki developer. He created several MediaWiki extensions and is the author of the popular Chameleon skin. Stephan has been involved with the MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki communities for over a decade.

This could be you

Are you someone of integrity that is passionate about and skilled with wikis? If so, contact us for possible collaborations.

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Our Passion

Professional Wiki - MediaWiki development


MediaWiki (MW) is a free, open-source software – the wiki software that powers Wikipedia and many more projects – that lets you collectively and directly edit content.

MediaWiki is a full-fledged framework, in conjunction with a lot of spin-off extensions, that can turn a website into a powerful and flexible knowledge management system for best collaboration. All information created within MediaWiki can easily be structured and published allowing users to benefit from it.

Professional Wiki - Semantic MediaWiki development

Semantic MediaWiki

Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is a free, open-source extension to MediaWiki – the wiki software that powers Wikipedia and many more projects – that lets you store and query data within the wiki's pages.

Semantic MediaWiki is also a full-fledged framework, in conjunction with many spin-off extensions, that can further refine a wiki into a even more powerful and flexible knowledge management system. All data created within Semantic MediaWiki can easily be exported or published via the Semantic Web, allowing other software systems to use this data seamlessly.

Our Projects

Professional Wiki - Maps


Maps is a powerful MediaWiki extension to visualize and work with geographical information. It is used on thousands of wikis, has been created and maintained since 2009 and moreoever integrates natively with Semantic MediaWiki.

Professional Wiki - WikiHoster.net


WikiHoster.net is a reliable wiki hosting provider offering tailored wiki hosting solutions that are constantly being administered and updated. It is the hosting provider of choice when it comes to this demand.

Professional Wiki - EiKoLo


eiKoLo is a flexible contact management solution providing a wiki database for small organizations. It is the solution of choice when it comes to kickstart relations to your contacts.

Our Contributions

We have created several MediaWiki extensions and contributed to many more. These contributions include development and testing of new features, creating and enhancing documentation, providing translations and supporting people on the mailing lists.

MediaWiki extensions:

  • SubPageList
  • Nuke
  • Page Forms
  • Upload Wizard
  • RSS
  • GraphViz
  • Maps
  • Translate
  • Widgets
  • Create Page
  • Wikibase
  • Survey
  • Contest
  • Push
  • Live Translate
  • LocalizationUpdate
  • Arrays
  • Spark
  • Gitweb
  • Github
  • FolkTagCloud
  • SphinxSearch
  • Wiki Object Model
  • Validator
  • Did You Know
  • Include WP
  • Flagged Revs
  • AmazonPartnerLink
  • DateDiff
  • SyntaxHighlight GeSHi
  • Summary Cards

Semantic MediaWiki extensions:

  • Semantic MediaWiki
  • Semantic Result Formats
  • Semantic Compound Queries
  • Semantic Extra Special Properties
  • Semantic Signup
  • Semantic Forms Inputs
  • Semantic Forms Select
  • Semantic Graph
  • Semantic Image Annotator
  • Semantic Tasks
  • Semantic Internal Objects
  • Semantic Cite
  • Semantic Scribunto
  • Semantic Breadcrumb Links
  • Semantic Meta Tags
  • Semantic Interlanguage Links
  • Semantic Glossary
  • Semantic External Query Lookup
  • Semantic Notifications
  • Modern Timeline

Professional.Wiki is able to satisfy all your needs as single provider serving high quality holistic customer-focused solutions. Just get in touch with us!