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Evolving Data Models

Knowledge Base Hosting

Get started quickly with our Wikibase Hosting, Semantic MediaWiki Hosting, or MediaWiki Hosting. Use our cloud hosting or commission an on-premises installation.

Collaborative Knowledge Bases

Software Development

Enhance your project with custom solutions and leverage our deep expertise in graph-based knowledge management and software development.

Rich Data Relationship

Knowledge Management Consulting

Supercharge your projects with our expert input. We can help you with Wikibase, Wikidata, knowledge graphs, architecture, data models, and more.

Flexible Knowledge Bases

Managing your data effectively is the key to unlocking its potential. Our expertise in graph-based knowledge management systems, like Wikibase, provides the foundation for dynamic and interconnected knowledge bases.

  • Evolving Data Models Gone are the days of rigid schemas. Graph-based knowledge bases allow you to rapidly prototype and to adjust your schemas as your business evolves. Ensure your knowledge management system remains perfectly aligned with your organizational needs.
  • Collaborative Knowledge Bases Gone are the days of rigid schemas. Graph-based knowledge bases allow you to rapidly prototype and to adjust your schemas as your business evolves. Ensure your knowledge management system remains perfectly aligned with your organizational needs.
  • Rich Data Relationships Unleash the power of connected data, enabling deeper insights and smarter decision-making. Qualify statements, record historical data, add references, and supercharge your AI systems with your knowledge graph.

Wikidata and Wikibase

Wikidata is the free and open knowledge base that integrates with Wikipedia.
It holds over a hundred million items which combined contain billions of qualified statements.

Wikidata, the free knowledge base powered by Wikibase

Wikibase is the free and customizable knowledge base that drives Wikidata. It is well suited for setting up data archives that interoperate with the semantic web via open standards. This makes it popular with GLAM institutions, research communities and open knowledge advocates. Companies and enterprises have also found Wikibase useful to create flexible internal knowledge bases.

We provide Wikibase Software Development, Wikibase Hosting, and Wikibase AI integration services.

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Why Professional Wiki?

We are the world’s foremost Wikibase experts. A bold claim that we can back up.

Our CEO is the primary developer behind Wikibase and has been involved since the beginning, before Wikidata was even launched. Since then, we helped many organizations adopt Wikibase, creating several public Wikibase extensions in the process. We have also implemented or advised on the creation of Wikibase-like internal knowledge bases for large enterprises.

We also have experience with integrating AI into knowledge bases and with graph databases like Neo4j, Blazegraph, and Amazon Neptune.

We Have Helped

Professional Wiki has helped a wide range of organizations with their Wikibase and knowledge base needs.
From cultural institutions to large enterprises, we have the expertise to assist you.

Below are some of the organizations that we publicly helped adopt Wikibase.

German National Library

We are working with the German National Library on their structured authority data, to increase accessibility and interoperability. This makes Wikibase attractive to the ~1000 institutions using the GND.


We have completed various projects for Wikimedia. This includes creation of Wikidata and Wikibase themselves, contributions to MediaWiki core and the development of MediaWiki extensions.

Ministry Of Culture

We are helping the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture adopt Wikibase. This includes Wikibase hosting and the development of the Wikibase EDTF and Automated Values extensions.


Rhizome champions digital art and culture. We created the popular Wikibase Local Media extension for Rhizome. The Rhizome Wikibase uses our Chameleon theme. .

Kunstenpunt Flanders

Kunstenpunt is the Flemish center for visual arts, performing arts, and classical music. We host the Kunstenpunt Wikibase and provide Wikibase Consulting.

Kunstmuseum The Hague

We upgraded and are now managing the Wikibase of The Hague Kunstmuseum. This includes QuickStatements, the Wikibase Query Service, Lua, and more.

Customer Testimonials

We highly recommend Professional Wiki for any project in the Mediawiki/Wikibase space.
At Kunstenpunt/Flanders Arts Institute we host a very large wikibase instance of more than 1.000.000 pages with Professional Wiki to facilitate the collection of metadata on the artistic activities of Flemish artists. Professional Wiki not only provides reliable hosting and performant query services, but also supports us in making the right modeling and technological choices.
We wished to display SPARQL query results in our Wikibase and commissioned Professional Wiki to develop a solution. They created a flexible extension that is just what we needed.
Jeroen is one of the most productive and passionate developers that I know. Without Jeroen, Wikidata would not have such a rich range of functions and would be built on a less flexible, lower-quality codebase and architecture. I have always appreciated his professional attitude, collegial and reliable manner. He is an absolute win for any team and project!
Professional Wiki provided swift and effective support when we needed to enhance our MediaWiki functionality. Their expert advice and responsive service were exactly what we needed.


We can provide high-level advice on architecture and product levels. For instance, we can help you understand the strengths and limitations of MediaWiki and Wikibase. We can evaluate plans from first principles, considering both the user and technical concerns. We push for simplicity, sustainability, and user experience.

We can also help you with anything technical related to Wikibase, MediaWiki, or graph databases, including software development not directly tied to either software.

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Wikibase Hosting

Create your Wikibase with a few clicks via our Wikibase cloud hosting.
Or contact us for tailored Wikibase hosting, including on-premises hosting.

Enjoy our Wikibase Dashboard and Admin Panel via our Wikibase hosting options.

Wikidata, the free knowledge base powered by Wikibase

Want to get started with Wikibase? Do you have questions?

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Knowledge Base AI

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In the post-ChatGPT world, AI integration into your Knowledge Base is often a must.

Supercharge the creation and curation of your knowledge with writing assistants, automatic summaries, natural language queries, and more.

Improve your AI chatbots and other AI tools by giving them access to your knowledge base. Provide context to LLMs with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) or teach your AI tools how to run efficient and deterministic queries directly against your graph database.

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