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MediaWiki survey

Share your thoughts on MediaWiki so we can improve the software! We are especially interested in impressions and thoughts from less technical users. Please share the survey.

SMW vs Wikibase vs Cargo

What software do you need to manage data/knowledge in your wiki? Historically this was Semantic MediaWiki. Is that still the case, and how do the alternatives stack up?

Installing extensions with Composer

Are you installing MediaWiki extensions with Composer? We have several tips and tricks for you to make the process smooth and optimized for production wikis.

Using Wikidata in Your Wiki

Imagine the data from Wikidata being available in your own wiki for you to query, visualize and enrich. Imagine you could use all the standard Semantic MediaWiki tools such as interactive inline visualizations on this data.

Visual Map Editor for MediaWiki

We have added a visual editing interface to the Maps extension for MediaWiki. This brings collaborating on geospatial information in your wiki to a new level.

SMWCon 2019 Paris

Our very own Karsten Hoffmeyer attended SMWCon 2019 in Paris. Karsten did a presentation in which he talked about Semantic MediaWiki 3.1 and the state of the community.