Reviewing the Medik MediaWiki Skin

Last updated on 2024-04-02. Written by Karsten Hoffmeyer

Medik is one of my top mobile and responsive skins for MediaWiki.

The Medik skin to MediaWiki is a newcomer and currently not widely used for wikis powered by MediaWiki. However I expect this to change fast once it is more commonly known. This skin is definitively to be taken seriously and a great choice for wikis that would like to get started fast with really good results.

The Medik skin to MediaWiki is indeed my personal favorite as a mobile and responsive skin. This is due to the following reasons:

  • Clean and simple look and feel
  • Choice of four different standard column layouts for wide screens
  • Easily adaptable with only a few configuration settings
  • Full power of the basic Bootstrap 4 framework, easily extendible with more components
  • Effortless installation using standard processes
  • Supporting a wide range both of MediaWiki versions (1.29+) and PHP versions (7.0+)

The Medik skin serves a fixed layout in four variants to choose from for the arrangement of the columns building the mobile friendly structure of the wiki. The layout is like the Pivot skin resembling that of the established classic Vector and Monobook skins with a sidebar on the left side of the screen. The user menu is located in the very right of the top bar. The editing, the actions and the tools menu are merged together and are located on the top left of the content area.

Medik skin

Petr Kajzar developed the Medik skin in 2019 originally for a medical project wiki of the Charles University (Czech Republic) and it was first released in May that year. It uses the most recent version 4 of the Bootstrap framework developed by Twitter.

The Medik skin can easily be extended with support for Font Awesome (v5.11.2) and Bootstrap components such as accordions, modals or popups and many more.

The skin’s documentation is accessible via it's page on

Medik is a great skin for starters, however not exclusively. Au contraire! If you are looking for a mobile and responsive layout that resembles the layout of the Vector or the MonoBook skin and you just want to do a couple of configuration changes, then this skin is your pick.

Example sites using the Medik skin

Check out my other favourite mobile and responsive MediaWiki skins.

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