Semantic MediaWiki 4.1.0 released

Posted on 2023-01-21 by Jeroen De Dauw

We released Semantic MediaWiki 4.1. Learn what changes it brings.

As maintainers of Semantic MediaWiki (SMW), we are responsible for releasing new versions. Today we released version 4.1, the 65th release of SMW. This release follows SMW 4.0.2, which was released on July 21st 2022.

Semantic MediaWiki 4.1 is a minor release. It contains new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Because it is a minor release, it does not contain any breaking changes, does not require running the update.php script, and does not drop support for older versions of MediaWiki.


  • Improved compatibility with MediaWiki 1.38 and 1.39
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 8.1 (not complete yet)
  • Fixed type error occurring during specific number formatting on PHP 8.0+
  • Fixed bug causing the job queue to be flooded with jobs
  • Fixed issue with the pipe character in the Ask API
  • Fixed rebuildData.php issue for the smw_ftp_sesp_usereditcntns table
  • Fixed issue in the category result format
  • Fixed upsert warning log spam
  • Added user preference that allows enabling or disabling the entity issue panel
  • Added support for partial ISO dates
  • SMW now ships with updated vocabularies including, Dublin Core, FOAF and SKOS
  • Various grammar and spelling fixes
  • Translation updates


Semantic MediaWiki logo

Over 20 people contributed to this release. We would like to thank all contributors.

Special credits go to Abijeet Patro (and TranslateWiki), Bernhard Krabina from KM-A, Sébastien Beyou from WikiValley and Alexander from


We recommend that everyone running older versions of SMW upgrades. Especially if you are running SMW 4.0.1 or older, as these versions contain a known security vulnerability.

No need to run "update.php" or any other migration scripts.

Get the new version via Composer:

  • Step 1: if you are upgrading from SMW older than 4.0.0, ensure the SMW version in composer.json is ^4.1.0
  • Step 2: run composer in your MediaWiki directory: composer update --no-dev --optimize-autoloader

Get the new version via Git:

This is only for those that have installed SMW via Git.

  • Step 1: do a git pull in the SemanticMediaWiki directory
  • Step 2: run composer update --no-dev --optimize-autoloader in the MediaWiki directory

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