Visualizing Links Between Pages

Posted on 2020-08-16 by Jeroen De Dauw

You can now visualize connections between your wiki pages with our new Network extension.

MediaWiki pages have both links to other pages (outgoing links) and other pages that link to them (incoming links). While you can get at this information via tools such as the Special:WhatLinksHere page, getting an overview of how pages are linked together is quite difficult.

Our new Network extension allows you to visualize the links for one or more wiki pages. This is done with a fancy interactive network graph. You can move nodes around, highlight connections, navigate to pages and dynamically expand the graph.

You can install the extension for free, as it is fully open source and released under a free license. We thank KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research for funding initial development. Contact us if you are interested in funding additional development.

Network is included in our fully managed MediaWiki hosting plans.

View the installation instructions and documentation.

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