Wikis for companies

What wikis can do for you

Wikis are powerful tools that can cater to many different use cases. Wikis using the MediaWiki software are the tool of choice when no standard software is available for a given use case. Avoid the high cost of creating dedicated software from scratch, or use wikis to understand your use case better before starting such custom development.

Wikis allow to easily connect the knowledge pools of a company, boost internal participation and generate high transparency. This way wikis noticeably supplement the operational as well as organizational structure or your company for a better and lasting success.

Wikis for companies

Use cases

The use cases highlighted here by Professional.Wiki are a few from the many possible allowing to implement custom solutions which remain adaptable all along their operation.

Project management

Describe the scope and size of the project as well as the expected results. Create plans for the project, and organise the related components and tasks. Allocate resources, keep track of the progress and the risks and check the results.

Quality management

Constantly plan, control and check the quality of your processes. Document the processes and improve the interaction of organizational units. Ensure information is kept up to date and handle feedback.

Task management

Create tasks and assign them to individuals or teams. Integrate them into calendars and notify participants. Use the data to track progress, prioritize further work and compile reports to be able to make knowledgeable management decisions.

Meeting management

Set up, organize, run, and evaluate meetings for teams and departments in your company. Track meetings with calendars and notify participants. Document the results and convert them into actionable tasks which can easily be followed up by stakeholders.

Contact management

Keep track of your contacts with customers, partners and stakeholders. Manage contact data, note down communications and record conclusions. Always have the information that you need for successful follow-up communications at hand.

Document management

Centrally store, share and update documents for the purpose of workflow progression and business outcomes. Help users find information efficiently by enriching documents with valuable metadata.


Wikis offer many useful features. Below are some of the most important ones Professional.Wiki selected for you.

Clear Collaboration

MediaWiki provides powerful collaboration tools that allow a large number of editors to work together easily on both content and structure of your wiki. This works for small local groups of editors all the way up to large Wikipedia-scale collaboration with editors across the globe.

Versatile Versioning

The robust build-in versioning provides transparency, accountability and quality control. View who changed what and when, undo specific changes, revisit old versions of documents, compare versions or restore documents to an earlier version.

Fantastic Flexibility

Wikis are very flexible by nature. They allow for rapid prototyping or gradually evolving the structure of your content as needed. Pages may contain simple text or be highly sophisticated. Using wikitext within MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki - there is little you cannot do.

Remarkable Reliability

MediaWiki is the wiki software that powers Wikipedia, one of the top websites in the world. It also a popular software for both public and private wikis. Leverage this proven solution with high performance and scalability.

Extreme Extensibility

The MediaWiki software world contains thousands of extensions, hundreds of skins and countless tools. These range e.g. from data management and content exchange to embedding of dynamic maps and email notifications, etc.

Solid Sustainability

Build on top of the platform that powers Wikipedia and is actively developed by a large community of programmers and technical experts. Enjoy the stability, scalability and familiarity of the software and benefit from a constantly evolving platform bringing many innovations.

Professional.Wiki is able to satisfy all your needs as single provider serving high quality holistic customer-focused solutions. Just get in touch with us!