Halten Sie Ihr MediaWiki aktuell und sicher.
Mit unseren MediaWiki-Wartungsservices halten wir Ihr Wiki reibungslos in Betrieb.

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What are MediaWiki Upgrades?

Keeping your MediaWiki installation up-to-date brings various benefits, but can be a challenge. We offer MediaWiki upgrade services, so you can save yourself or your staff the headaches of dealing with MediaWiki extension compatibility, Composer, Docker, and dozens of other involved technologies.

Why Upgrade Your Wiki?

Embrace Innovation

Get access to the latest features and improvements.

Fortify Your Defenses

Keep your wiki secure with the latest security patches and bug fixes.

Accelerate Your Success

Delight your users by improving the loading speed of your wiki's pages.

Our Upgrade Process

Consultation. Book a free discovery call where we discuss your current MediaWiki setup, your needs, and your goals.

Analysis. We conduct a thorough analysis of your wiki and outline both the benefits and costs of upgrading. We assess risks and create an upgrade strategy.

Risk-Mitigation. We ensure that backups and a rollback plan are in place to prevent potential data loss. If possible, we do a dry-run of the upgrade on a staging environment.

Execution. We upgrade your wiki at an agreed-upon time and then test it to ensure that everything is working as expected.

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Customer Testimonials

Professional Wiki’s hosting has been effortless and their support above and beyond expectation. I especially appreciated the care taken in migrating our sizeable legacy wiki.
Wir empfehlen Professional Wiki uneingeschränkt für alle Belange rund um MediaWiki. Vielen Dank für Ihre ausgezeichnete Arbeit!

Hosting with Automatic Upgrades

Sidestep the hassle of manual upgrades by using our wiki hosting services.

We can migrate your existing wiki to our hosting platform, including an initial upgrade.

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We recommend updating your MediaWiki before it reaches end-of-life.

MediaWiki Long-Term Support (LTS) versions are released every two years and come with three years of support. Thus, you must upgrade every two years to stay up-to-date. For maximum stability, we recommend waiting a few months after the release of a new MediaWiki LTS before you upgrade. Furthermore, we recommend installing security updates more frequently, especially for mission-critical wikis or those containing confidential information.

Standard MediaWiki versions are released twice a year. They come with only one year of official support. If you cannot frequently update your wiki, we strongly recommend sticking to LTS versions instead.

You can check the version of your MediaWiki against the latest releases on the official MediaWiki website or contact us for a comprehensive analysis. You can find the version of your wiki on the Special:Version page and the latest MediaWiki version on the version lifecycle page.

If you use our MediaWiki hosting services, we keep your wiki updated automatically.

We prioritize data integrity by implementing a risk mitigation strategy, including thorough backups and dry-runs in a staging environment.
The timeline can vary based on your wiki’s complexity and the upgrade scope. We can provide an estimated timeline after an initial consultation.
Yes, upgrades can be a great time to implement customizations. We can discuss your specific needs during the consultation phase.
We strive to minimize downtime. Any necessary outages will be planned and communicated in advance to reduce impact on your users.
Absolutely, we provide post-upgrade support to ensure your MediaWiki runs smoothly and any potential issues are resolved quickly.
Simply contact us with the details of your current setup, and we’ll arrange a free discovery call to discuss your needs and our process.

Upgrade Your Wiki

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Erzielen Sie hervorragende Ergebnisse mit erfahrenen MediaWiki-Entwicklern, die Erfahrung beim Entwickeln von MediaWiki-Erweiterungen und -Integrationen haben.

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Lassen Sie uns Ihr Wiki betreuen und hosten. Wir sind Experten für MediaWiki-Hosting und bieten Cloud-Hosting, dediziertes Hosting und Hosting vor Ort (On-Premises) an.

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Steigern Sie Wert und Qualität Ihres Wikis, indem Sie unsere MediaWiki-Expertise nutzen. Von der Planung bis zur konkreten Implementierung haben wir alles im Griff.

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MediaWiki-Migration Symbol MediaWiki-Migration

Wechseln Sie sorglos zu einem neuen Hosting. Wir migrieren Ihr MediaWiki auf einen neuen Server, oder wir unterstützen Sie beim Umzug von einem anderen Wiki-System zu MediaWiki.

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MediaWiki-Upgrades Symbol MediaWiki-Upgrades

Wir sorgen dafür, dass Ihr MediaWiki auf dem neuesten Stand und geschützt bleibt. Wir bieten Wartung und Aktualisierung für MediaWiki, damit Ihr Wiki störungsfrei läuft.

Aktualisieren Sie Ihr Wiki