Professional MediaWiki hosting


While Professional Starter is Professional.Wiki's most basic hosting option, it includes all the key features needed for the typical wiki.

Professional Starter is ideal for enthusiasts and small companies starting out with wikis.

You can try out the Professional Starter Demo wiki to see the hosting option in action.


  • Setup and upgrades included
  • Professional support included (1h / quarter plus option for more hours)
  • Unlimited users
  • Visual editing
  • Edit versioning
  • Access controls
  • Semantic data structures and embedded queries
  • Dynamic visualizations


  • Visual editing
  • Form editing
  • Access controls
  • Embedded queries
  • Dynamic maps
  • Graphs & diagrams
  • Multimedia content
  • PDF display
  • Data exchange
  • Citations & references
  • Notifications
  • Two-factor auth
  • Anti spam
  • Mass deletion
  • Easy admin access
  • Banners
  • Cookie notice
  • Multilingual content


View all 26 MediaWiki extensions
  • AdminLinks
  • Cite
  • CiteThisPage
  • ConfirmEdit
  • CookieWarning
  • Data Transfer
  • DismissableSiteNotice
  • Echo
  • External Data
  • LoginNotify
  • Maps
  • Modern Timeline
  • MultimediaViewer
  • Nuke
  • OATHAuth
  • Page Forms
  • PdfHandler
  • SandboxLink
  • Semantic Compound Queries
  • Semantic MediaWiki
  • Semantic Result Formats
  • SpamBlacklist
  • TitleBlacklist
  • UploadWizard
  • UploadsLink
  • Visual Editor

How signup works

After you signed up for your hosting option of choice, Professional.Wiki will get in touch with you to clarify details. Setting up the wiki normally happens within a few days. During the signup process you will be prompted to provide us with a number of details about your wiki, such as the name of the wiki and the domain name. This step is optional though helps us set up your wiki quickly.

The payment you make during signup covers the setup of the wiki. The hosting during the first month after signup is free of charge.

Professional Starter

  • For enthusiasts
  • Fully managed, including upgrades
  • 95 €
    per month excl. VAT

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