Professional Master MediaWiki-Hosting

Do you have a big wiki, is your wiki critical to your business or do you have an increased need for support? Then our Professional Master package is for you. We provide a fully installed and configured wiki with high performance plus high scalability and the highest level of customizability. You have complete choice over which extensions will be installed, including custom extensions. Enhanced search is provided via a dedicated Elasticsearch server and performance is increased by using Redis.

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Software updates

We take care of keeping all software up to date and you have the option of choosing how frequent we update. Want to only update once per MediaWiki LTS, or always want access to bleeding-edge features, we can accommodate your wishes.

Included support

Each month you get seven hours of professional support (worth 1365 EUR) for free. This support includes helping you with MediaWiki usage, such as writing wikitext, creating forms and setting up data structures. Furthermore it includes training and strategic advise. Each month you also get two hours of professional MediaWiki developer time (worth 390 EUR). The developer time can be spend on fixing bugs in the MediaWiki software or extensions, or to create new features that you need.


When using Professional Master, you can choose on what kind of server the wiki is hosted. By default we will run your wiki on a powerful VPS located in Germany with that has all the resources needed to smoothly run a fully featured MediaWiki website. This VPS has 8 vCPU, 32 GB RAM, 240 GB SSD and 20 TB worth of traffic. Let us know your preferences and we'll make them happen. This include in-house hosting and optional cooperation with your IT department.

MediaWiki extensions

You have complete choice over which extensions will be installed, including custom extensions. We are happy to advise you on which extensions to choose or to make the choice entirely for you based on what we expect you to find useful. Below are a set of standard extensions that we recommend and will install if you leave everything to us. Additional extensions that our clients occasionally use are in the second list.

Standard extensions:
  • Admin Links – Provides a special page that holds helpful links for administrators
  • AdvancedSearch – Provides and improved search interface
  • Arrays – Allows for defining and using arrays
  • CategoryTree – Allows for dynamically displaying and navigating the category structure
  • CharInsert – Allows for creating character insert boxes
  • CirrusSearch – Provides Elasticsearch as a backend for searching
  • Cite – Allows for referencing content
  • CiteThisPage – Allows for citing content
  • CodeMirror – Allows for highlighting the wikitext syntax during editing
  • ConfirmEdit – Provides CAPTCHA techniques to protect against spam and password-guessing
  • ContactPage – Allows for using contact forms
  • CookieWarning – Provides a notice to inform users about cookie usage
  • Data Transfer – Allows for exporting content in XML from and for importing content in XML and CSV form
  • DateDiff – Allows for calculating the difference between two dates
  • DeleteBatch – Allows for deleting multiple pages at the same time
  • DismissableSiteNotice – Allows for users to close wikiwide sitenotices
  • DisplayTitle – Displays the user-defined page title instead of the page name
  • Echo – Allows for notifications about user and system events
  • Elastica – Provides a library for using Elasticsearch to extensions
  • External Data – Allows for retrieving structured data from external URLs, databases and other sources
  • Gadgets – Allows for using predefined gadgets
  • Header Tabs – Allows for displaying sections on a page as tabs
  • HitCounters – Provides a page views counter
  • HostStats – Allows for displaying statistics about the wikis host
  • ImageMap – Allows for creating and using clickable image maps
  • InputBox – Allows for embedding predefined HTML forms
  • Interwiki – Allows for managing interwiki prefixes to other websites and wikis
  • JSBreadCrumbs – Allows for displaying the user's navigation trail trough the wiki
  • Lockdown – Allows for restricting read access to pages per namespace
  • LoginNotify – Notifies users of suspicious logins
  • Loops – Provides parser functions for performing loops
  • MagicNoCache – Allows for selectively disabling the cache of individual pages
  • Maps – Allows for embedding of dynamic maps, geocoding of addresses and other geographical operations based on structured data
  • Mermaid – Allows for creating Mermaid-based graphs and diagrams
  • MobileFrontend – Allows for optimized displaying of pages in mobile clients
  • Modern Timeline – Provides a modern timeline visualization for Semantic MediaWiki as a result format
  • MultimediaViewer – Expands thumbnails to a larger size in a fullscreen interface
  • MyVariables – Provides additional predefined variables
  • NewUserMessage – Allows for automatically adding messages to the talk pages of newly created accounts
  • Nuke – Allows for deleting multiple pages at the same time
  • NumberFormat – Allows for formatting and rounding of numbers
  • NumerAlpha – Allows for incrementing numbers, letters and roman numerals in ascending order
  • OATHAuth – Allows for using two-factor authentication for logging in
  • Page Forms – Allows for forms to create and edit pages
  • PagedTiffHandler – Allows for displaying tiff-files
  • ParserFunctions – Provides parser functions for performing logical operations
  • PdfHandler – Allows for displaying pdf-files
  • PipeEscape – Allows using pipes in arguments of parser functions
  • Poem – Allows for easy formatting of text blocks
  • RenameUser – Allows for renaming an user account
  • ReplaceText – Allows for doing wikiwide search-and-replace operations
  • RottenLinks – Allows for retrieving the status of external links
  • SandboxLink – Provides a link to user's personal sandbox to personal tools menu
  • Scribunto – Allows for using scripting languages on pages
  • Semantic Breadcrumb Links – Allows for displaying the navigation based on structured data
  • Semantic Cite – Allows for referencing of content based on structured data
  • Semantic Compound Queries – Allows for displaying the combined results of several queries of structured data
  • Semantic Drilldown – Allows for faceted navigation through structured data
  • Semantic Extra Special Properties – Provides additional special properties for storing structured data
  • Semantic Glossary – Allows for creating and managing a glossary based on structured data
  • Semantic Interlanguage Links – Allows for creating and managinginterlanguage links based on structured data
  • Semantic MediaWiki – Allows for storing, querying and exporting structured data for reuse ("wiki database")
  • Semantic Meta Tags – Allows for outputting meta elements based on structured data for search engine optimization
  • Semantic Ratings – Allows for managing ratings based on structured data
  • Semantic Result Formats – Provides additional formats for displaying structured data
  • Semantic Scribunto – Allows for using the Scribunto extension in combination with structured data
  • SpamBlacklist – Prevents adding web links and email addressen identified as spam
  • SyntaxHighlight – Allows for highlighting the syntax of embedded code
  • TemplateData – Allows for storing, retrieveing and visualising information about templates
  • TemplateStyles – Allows for loading CSS stylesheets from a template
  • Thanks – Allows for thanking users for edits
  • Title Icon – Allows for displaying icons in the title of pages and in search results
  • TitleBlacklist – Prevents the creation of pages identifierd as spam
  • UniversalLanguageSelector – Allows for selecting the user language and changing language related preferences
  • UrlGetParameters – Allows using URL parameters on pages
  • UserFunctions – Provides parser functions for performing user dependant operations
  • UserMerge – Allows for merging user accounts
  • Validator – Provides a declarative parameter processing library to extensions
  • Variables – Provides parser functions for creating user-defined variables
  • VariablesLua – Allows for using the Scribunto extension in combination with the Variables extension
  • Widgets – Allows for using predefined widgets
Additional extensions:
  • AbuseFilter – Allows for automatically placing specific behavior-based restrictions on edits
  • AdvancedSearch – Provides and improved search interface
  • AntiSpoof – Prevents the creation of confusable usernames
  • ApprovedRevs – Allows for curating edits and content
  • AutoCreatePage – Allows for creating non-existent pages
  • Babel – Allows for automatically creating language proficiency and other information boxes
  • BootstrapComponents – Provides additional components to the Chameleon skin
  • CLDR – Provides functions to localize the names of languages, countries, currencies and time units to extensions
  • Chameleon – Provides a mobile skin
  • CleanChanges – Provides a compact display of recent changes
  • CodeEditor – Provides a code editor including code highlighting when editing
  • CommentStreams – Allows for commenting content
  • ConfirmAccount – Requires the creation and confirmation of account requests
  • Disambiguator – Allows for designating pages as disambugiations
  • Graph – Allows for creating Vega-based graphs and diagrams
  • ImportUsers – Allows for importing user accounts
  • Labeled Section Transclusion – Allows for embedding marked content sections on pages
  • Math – Allows for creating mathematical formulas
  • Mpdf – Allows for exporting the current page into a pdf file
  • RevisionSlider – Provides and improved interface to browse differences between revisions
  • Semantic External Query Lookup – Allows for displaying query results for structured data from external sources
  • Semantic Forms Select – Allows for generating select form elements with queried values of structured data
  • Semantic Notifications – Allows for notifications on changes to structured data using the Echo extension
  • SimpleBatchUpload – Allows for uploading serveral files at once
  • Summary Cards – Displays content summaries on hovered links
  • Translate – Allows for translating and proof-reading content
  • UploadsLink – Provides a link to user's uploads to personal tools menu
  • VEForAll – Provides extensions with JavaScript functionality to use VisualEditor
  • VisualEditor – Provides a WYSIWYG wikitext editor
  • Whats Nearby – Allows for providing geoposition information to templates
  • WikiEditor – Provides a wikitext editor
Do you have a specific extension in mind that is not listed here and needs to be installed for your wiki to serve your use cases? We will check if for sustainability and install it for you – or advise on an alternative.

Included skins:
  • Chameleon – Provides a mobile skin
  • Foreground – Provides a mobile skin
  • MinervaNeue – Provides a mobile skin
  • MonoBook – Provides a classic skin
  • Timeless – Provides a modern skin
  • Pivot – Provides a mobile skin
  • Poncho – Provides a mobile skin
  • Vector – Provides a modernized skin



Your wiki will be automatically monitored. In case of an issue we will attend to it within an hour the same day.


Professional.Wiki does daily backups of the database, the files uploaded to your wiki and an XML export.

Domain name

We can use a domain or subdomain of your choosing. This can be a domain that already exists, a new one that you get yourself or one that we get for you. We can set up the wiki without a domain name being available yet as well.

HTTPS support

HTTPS support is configured with a Qualys A rating. By default we use a certificate issued by Let's Encrypt. We also support certificates provided by our customers or those issued by GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium.

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